Welcome to Eric-Harrison.com. As my tagline indicates, my mission is to write, speak, and coach people to show them how Being Different, Acting Different, and Making a Difference can change their lives, You can download a copy of my free BAM! eBook here.

Product and Services Highlights:

  • Amazon Best-Selling book, Mustard Seed Faith
  • Ziglar certified Choose to Win Coach
  • Individual or Group Study Guide for Mustard Seed Faith *Free*
  • BAM! eBook *Free*
  • How to free yourself from stress and annoyance to adopting positive practices worksheet *Free*
  • Online journal to turn lies and limiting beliefs into truths and opportunities you can pursue today. *Free*
  • What three things if you started today that you could turn into habits in 66 days would have the biggest impact on your life. Get your checklist here. 

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