Hi, I'm Eric Harrison

Thanks for visiting my website. I am an author and speaker focused on CHANGE. I believe everyone can CHANGE their small corner of the world by building into others and growing their influence to overcome the divisiveness in our world today by loving others well.

I believe this is accomplished by utilizing my tag line, Being Different, Acting Different and Making a Difference (BAM!) Click here to get your free copy of why BAM! Is so important to me and why I believe it is key for everyone to understand and implement in their lives.

I believe so much in Change and BAM! That I left my very lucrative and life-long career working in and leading my women’s wholesale shoe company to start this website and publish my first book, Mustard Seed Faith, due out in early January, 2020.

Join me on the journey as my wife and I begin a new chapter in our lives and share our building, changing and growing strategies to change the lives of others, here.

My Priorities

  • Faith in Jesus Christ

  • Family & Friends

  • Serving Others

My Passions

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Hunger

  • Mental Health

  • Sports

  • Social Justice

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