Month: October 2020

Will Your Future Depend on your Dreams? Be Creative and Sure

How in touch are you with your dreams? How often do you intentionally create opportunities to minimize, or better yet, eliminate distractions and dream? If you’re like most people, your answer is likely either a) I don’t or b) I don’t remember the last time. This week, I hope to encourage you to change both of those answers.

For, you see, I believe that not only is dreaming important, but it also helps you create your future. Yes, as John Lennon sang many years ago, “You can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” In fact, I would argue that most people who achieve any level of success in any area of life make dreaming and visualization an integral part of their routine.

Having Great Intentions vs. Being Intentionally Great

I believe that everyone has dreams and desires to be, do, and have better things than they currently possess. I also believe that many people who reach the age where they begin to evaluate their lives, which I purport begins somewhere in their early 40’s. Although they have reached some level of success they feel somewhat or greatly unfulfilled.

This week I want to challenge you to consider your intentions versus your actions. You see, I believe so many people have great intentions to do things that would not only greatly impact their lives, but potentially the lives of many others. The problem is they just don’t do them.

You Will Leave a Legacy. How Impactful Will it be?

This is the third in our three-part series, discussing your success, your significance, and your legacy. After learning how to individually define your success, then transitioning to a higher level of significance, this week we explore the ultimate goal of leaving a legacy.

First, a challenging question. Are you leaving a legacy? The answer to the question is, yes, you are. Whether you create your legacy intentionally or whether you allow it to occur by happenstance, indeed you cannot escape the legacy you will leave. So the next, and more important question is; are you proud of the legacy you’re leaving? Therein lies our opportunity ro create a meaningful heritage that will have immediate as well as long-lasting impact.

Success Pales in the Face of Significance

Last week, we discussed the visions of what helps determine your definition of success. We determined that each definition is as different as each person. At the end of the post, I promised to come back this week to discuss the significance in light of success. I will conclude this three-part post next week identifying the importance of leaving a legacy.

Success, while something we all shoot, for is often fleeting and circumstantial. I am sure like me that you have achieved milestones in your personal or professional life that you were proud of. The problem is that we soon discover that what made us feel successful yesterday makes us feel like we must strive for more the next. Significance is different.

Significance takes our focus off of ourselves and shifts the importance of serving, helping, and blessing other people. When we achieve success, we are happy. When we achieve significance we experience true joy. Why? Because we have set aside our needs to focus on the needs of other people.

As I outlined in my book, Mustard Seed Faithany success achieved by ourselves is hardly worth celebrating if we have no one else to share the joy with. When you begin to focus on helping other people achieve their goals, dreams, and yes, visions for success, then you are able to truly enjoy building a life of significance. And the more people you help, the more significance you grow in your life.

This is a timeless message but it’s time for right now is unquestionably and arguably more important than ever. I don’t have answers to many of the problems and divisiveness gripping our world today. I only know that what I can do is to do my small part in building into the lives of others. Chances are very likely that no one will ever know I have done it.

My hope, and frankly my prayer though is that enough other people begin to adopt the same mindset, we can and will begin to change our world one person at a time, one conversation at a time, and one random act of kindness at a time.

So practically speaking, what does building a life of significance entail. Oftentimes, when I read something like this I quickly form in my mind a superhuman effort that will be required to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that will undoubtedly stand in my way.

The truth is, you just have to start. Maybe it will be a little uncomfortable, perhaps even a little scary, however, I suggest you start small, build momentum and see how high you can climb as your confidence builds. It might start with a note, a text, a voice mail, or just simply a random encounter where you allow yourself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I’d love to hear how you start, where you grow into, and how far ahead you move. If you start today and then do it every day, you will over time experience a certain type of joy that I can assure you will be unlike any other success you have ever had. Significance.

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