My Why


Many people for obvious reasons want to know why and to whom I am committing to donate 100% of my book royalties to non-profit charitable causes and organizations.

First, the WHY:

I am very blessed to be in a position to make the release of my first book a Passion Project.  While I hope to create awareness as a result, my only goal in doing so is ultimately to sell more books in order to be able to donate more to charity. I am not looking to gain any notoriety or accolades, except to raise the cause of supporting charities that I believe are in need and deserving of support.

Then, the WHAT:

Let me be clear from the outset that these are my personal choices.  I encourage everyone to support charities of their choice. If we all did, we could impact millions of lives while eliminating a deluge of needs and problems.  I am focusing on FIVE areas where I see the greatest need. To be as transparent as possible, I will be donating to each area equally on a monthly basis based on the previous month’s royalties.

Faith: If you know me or have read about me, then you know that this entire project is to use my platform to introduce people to the love of Jesus Christ.  I will support organizations whose mission it is to share that love and expose people to the truth of His Word.  

Homelessness: I want to see the battle to get people off of the streets won. There are numerous organizations committed to not only taking people in but also to providing them the means to start over and establish themselves with career and life skills.

Hunger: I believe that we have the ability to eliminate hunger around the world.  We have the resources, the technology, and the dedication to make it happen. It is just a matter of providing the resources to organizations committed to this goal.

Mental Health: I could write a page on this alone.  We are not addressing the need to provide help to those struggling with mental issues. This contributes to the homelessness and violence issues that are grabbing and headlines and organizations who support these people are in desperate need of support.

Social Justice: I believe that each and every life is precious in the eyes of God and no one should be compromised, judged, or neglected based on who they are, where they are, and how they live in society.  I believe that we are all called to love and support our fellow man.