A Desire to be Persistently Consistent

Last week, we defined a haven as a place of safety, shelter, and refuge. Then we determined that the best way to discover these havens is by developing a positive mindset. The first step, determined by last week’s post was to overcome fear by taking action.

The next strategy to developing a positive mindset, and finding a safe haven for our mental image of ourselves and how we talk to ourselves is to develop the habit of persistent consistency.

The late, great Zig Ziglar, as he often did, imprinted this simple, yet incredibly profound message in my mind many, many years ago. Mr. Ziglar said consistency was working every day, or as often as necessary until your goal or objective was achieved. Persistence was showing up every day and doing just a little bit more, al little bit different, or a little bit better than the day before.

After character and integrity, which Zig attributed to his incredible worldwide success, he would say that being P.C. was the number two reason for his success. This is the kind of P.C. that the world could use a lot more of, as opposed to the P.C. that often occupies today’s headlines.

The fact of the matter is really quite simple. You show up every day and you do what needs to be done. No matter who or what may try to block your way, and tell you why it can’t or shouldn’t be done. If your ‘why’ is big and meaningful enough to you, then the what and the how will never stop you.

Once you have overcome the mental and verbal roadblocks to achieving your success and nothing will ever stop you from showing up every day to accomplish your dreams and goals, your consistency almost organically begins to be multiplied with increasingly persistent efforts.

Whether it’s positive momentum, a deeper belief in yourself and your objectives, or both, once consistency is established, persistence is not far behind. It may take days, months, or even years, but persistent efforts over time eventually multiply into greater results than determined people ever imagined possible.

I love to use the analogy of the penny versus one million dollars whenever I speak in front of an audience. I discovered the principle in Darren Hardy’s iconic book, The Compound Effect. All these years later, not only does the ruse still fool most people, but it drives home the point of persistence better than anything else I’ve ever heard.

Simply, if I offer you one penny versus one million dollars, I suspect you would take the million dollars. What if I offered you the same deal except I told you that you could multiply the value of the penny every day for 30 days? Most people still want the million dollars. And they’re dead wrong.

Why? Because if you double the value of one penny day after day for thirty days, at the end of that time period you would have nearly $5.5 million!! That is the power of persistent consistency. Make it yours, and not only will you develop a more positive mindset but you will be unstoppable!

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