Are you a better Problem ‘Seer’ or Problem Solver?

As the old saying goes, “if you want to amuse God, tell him your plans.” Who could have ever imagined just one week ago that what we feared could come true actually has? Although the last week is unlike anything any of us have experienced in our lifetimes, I can’t help but recall the similarities to how different the world feels today – just as it did on September 11, 2001.

For those of us who live in the United States, we place a huge amount of pride in our freedoms, even if we too often take them for granted. When those freedoms are disrupted, we really have a difficult time knowing how to act and react. Suddenly, we are stripped to our core and our real priorities explode to the surface.

Our families, our friends, our faith, and our need for the status quo. We do everything we can to make everything seem normal, even though our insides are churning.

I have had the subject of this week’s post in mind for several weeks. It’s a concept I introduced in my recently released best-selling book, Mustard Seed Faith. In light of the events from the last week, and as they continue to unfold, this will likely be at least a two-part article, if not longer.

To quickly make the point, all of us are great and seeing problems. Especially with other things and people. We’re not quite as adept at identifying those things which our problems we possess and we’re even less interested in solving them. Many people are experts at seeing problems and complaining about the way things are versus taking an interest and action to make things how they should be.

Currently, the entire world is dealing with a problem that we cannot see, but its ramifications are being felt by every nation, class, ethnicity, religion, and political affiliation. This is not a “they” problem, this is an “us” problem. And as of right now there is no long-term solution.

In my humble opinion, the quicker we all come together to help solve this problem, the faster we will overcome it. Suddenly what divides us does not matter at all. We are all united to find solutions to problems and to help one another overcome them. Now.

Obviously, at this time, and for good cause, we are all being advised to keep “social distance” in order to prevent an even greater and faster spread of COVID-19. This calls on all of us to be more creative and more resourceful than perhaps we’ve ever been. Fortunately, we all live in a very connected and technically savvy world.

At this time, with the difficulties and perhaps even the mortality we are all facing, the more resourceful and helpful we can be, the greater our impact will be felt in our neighborhoods, and around the world. 

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