How do You See the World? What are you telling yourself?

The more I study and coach a positive-mindset lifestyle, the more I realize how key self-talk is to our overall mental health. In fact, I would argue it affects virtually every area of life. In addition to Mental, I would add Spiritual, Physical, Family, Financial, Personal, and Career, to name a few.

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. If you feel a certain way, I can almost guarantee you will in that same certain way. For example, if you are convinced you can never do something, you are well on your way to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course, the opposite is also true. Steadfast belief combined with ongoing effort is likely to produce remarkable results over time.

Not only does self-talk affect your results, but it also has been shown by many studies to affect your attitude, your actions, and the way you process outside information. In other words, the way you talk to yourself is the way you see the world. And vice-versa.

All of this information is not revelatory, but it is certainly relevant for the times in which we find ourselves immersed. Much of this information is what I have learned as a result of working with and being licensed by the Ziglar Corporation as a Choose to Win Coach. I am excited about it because I am seeing first hand the difference it is making in people’s lives. My own as well as my clients.

The question before you today is will you change in order to produce more positive results? Perhaps you are someone who believes that their self-talk and worldview is as good as it can possibly be. I would only challenge you with the question of how good is good enough? I believe all of us have room for improvement and often we sacrifice greatness for good enough.

For those who know they need to change the vernacular, I offer you a chance to do so. It is not a complicated formula, a long-term plan that requires lots of time and resources, nor a “get rich quick-type” scheme that is all smoke and mirrors. 

It is simply the desire and the ability to make small changes each and every day that over time create life-changing results. As Tom Ziglar says in his book, Choose to Win, you can transform your life one simple choice at a time.

Perhaps you need to change what you are watching and listening to. Perhaps you need to replace time on the couch with time walking in your neighborhood. Or perhaps you need to put time limits on your work schedule and purposely schedule the time for self-care you need to be the best version of yourself.

All of these decisions and many, many more are simple, but they’re not easy. They are the types of decisions that many people are making, especially in a time when everyone is sharpening their skills, that are resulting in real, lasting change.
If you want to kick-start your positive self-talk, I would direct you to, where you can download a PDF of Ziglar affirmation cards to set you on your way. I would also encourage you to check out my new coaching page on my website for more information and to consider if hiring a coach is right for you. As I said, it’s simple to start, but it’s not easy. But you are worth it!

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