Is Your Life a Good Reflection of God’s Reputation?

This week, as we prepare to celebrate Christmas I want to issue you both a challenge and goal to ponder. Warning and spoiler alert: It may make you a little uncomfortable. If it does, then I have accomplished my objective for this blog.

I do not wish to debate, nor try to convert you if you do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God. In my life, I know for a fact that He is. My objective is to use the lessons He taught and the love He showed with everyone with whom I have a chance to make an impact. Simply steed, I would rather show you that I am a Christian, rather than tell you I’m a Christian. 

If you are a Christian I hope you agree. No matter what ideal, product, or mindset you may be trying to sell to other people, as the old saying goes, “you’ll attract a lot more people with honey than vinegar.” In other words, I hope that people are attracted to my faith because they see me living differently because of it. 

Unfortunately, many people have been off-put by many faith sects because some of the people who claim to embrace them act in ways that are not consistent with the tenets of their faith. Whether it is judging others harshly while ignoring our own failings, or worse yet, lashing out or judging people that look, think, or act differently than they do.

So, whether you embrace my religion or vehemently reject it, I want to give you eight character qualities that if we all would embrace our world would be impacted in ways that I believe would absolutely transform it. What are these potentially world-changing qualities? I am really glad you asked:

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, and Self-Control

Doable? Sure they are! Easy all the time? Not necessarily. If you incorporated those into your life would you be a more positive, productive, likeable, impactful person? I cannot imagine anyone who could disagree with that. Whether you believe in God or not. Our world needs to embrace these attributes and it seems to me there is no better time to start than the Christmas season.

Oh, by the way, some of you may be inquisitive about the significance, order, or origin of these characteristics. These are the fruits of the Spirit listed by the Apostle Paul in the Bible. The same Paul who had his life transformed from persecuting Christians to becoming its greatest missionary.

My point is simply this. As a Christian am I (are you?) being a good reflection of God’s reputation? You seem I believe God’s reputation has been misrepresented by many both inside and outside of the Christian faith. If Christians better reflected God’s reputation, I believe the world would be a much better place.

It can begin with you and be passed on, one person at a time. In this time of Christmas, in this year of a worldwide pandemic, and in a more divided place than we have ever seen the world needs to know God’s love. How can they know it? By his people who show it. Joy to the world and Merry Christmas!

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