Overcoming Reasons Your Results aren’t Growing

Since I made the decision to write a book a little over a year ago, I have become familiar with a term that prior to that time I don’t know if I had ever heard. Since becoming acquainted with it, I seem to hear it and become challenged to overcome it almost daily. What is that term? Imposter Syndrome.

It’s not that this doesn’t exist for you and me, even if we are not aware of it, in fact, most of us are asked to confront it almost daily. If you are not, I would argue that you are suppressing some deep, longing desires to try something but the Imposter Syndrome keeps you in your comfort zone.

As far as I know, at this point, you don’t ever overcome the syndrome fully. You simply confront it, move past it, and then continue taking steps you need to reach your goals and dreams. Certainly, you gain more confidence as time goes on, but hopefully, you are also continuing to strive for bigger challenges. 

In this three-part installment, which is concluded with this post, we have talked about the three keys to winning the mind and carrying a positive mindset. Clearly the steps are interrelated, however, each is important to achieving this worthy objective. First, we discussed overcoming fear by taking action, next, being persistently consistent and today I conclude by talking about overcoming the imposter syndrome.

While it may assume many forms, at the core the imposter syndrome is anything that causes you to believe that you can’t. Call it a limiting belief, call it negative self-talk, or simply fill in the blank, who am I to _________?

Here’s a couple of truths about the imposter syndrome you need to know. Until you confront it, the power it possesses looks insurmountable. Once you do, you find out, it’s really more of a 600-pound weakling. It all bark and no bite. All form and no substance. Once you confront it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

As I’ve already said, be forewarned that it is a horror-movie monster that won’t die. Just because we beat it once, does not mean it will not be there to greet us with our next challenge. I would love to say that you and I are stronger than that and we should be able to overcome it, and perhaps you are someone who has. If you’re like most people I know, speak to, and coach, however, we know that oftentimes our biggest hindrance to success is ourselves.

So as I wrap up this series, I want to encourage you again to develop a winning mindset. It is a daily duty, but the rewards are well worth the effort you need to put forth to develop it. Soon, you will be accomplishing goals you had only dared dream of previously. And, like myself, you will be determined to encourage other people to do likewise.

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