Replacing Hurt and Anger with Love and Compassion

Like most other people, I feel it is my obligation to express my thoughts and feelings around what has happened in our country since the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day. 

I will say from the outset that as an aging white male I am completely unqualified to speak on behalf of any other people who have been unfairly judged, targeted, and discriminate against. As a person who loves God and loves all people, however, my heart hurts, and my anger, dismay, and sorrow demand action.

If you have read my posts, read my book, or listened to any of my speeches or videos, you know that I am a major proponent of taking action. Especially now, talk is cheap and it is time to put real actions on our intentions. Otherwise, once again, the inexcusable murder of an innocent black man will be in vain. 

I want to also say that I fully support the people who are peacefully protesting against injustice and supporting Black Lives Matter. I am, however deeply saddened by the violence, destruction, and looting that some feel is a proper response. Violence, hatred, and destruction are never the answer.

For myself, and for all people, my question to you today is what are you going to do next? It is great to support a protest rally. Members of my family have participated in such activities. But if all we do is show up for a rally or a vigil in the heat of the moment and then go back to life as normal, again our words are an insult to people who are hurting and deserve to be heard.

My challenge to all of us is what can you do to make a difference? If you are part of an organization, what can your organization do to get involved in your community and support all people – especially those who are marginalized in any circumstance? If you work at a company, what can you do to take time out to make an impact in your city or town? How can you uncomfortably challenge yourselves to reach out to others in need of love and support?

Individually, what can we do? Can you start a group on Social Media to encourage conversation, interaction, and action? Can you volunteer at an organization that supports people in need of help? Can you start an online fund to help raise money and awareness to promote inclusion, acceptance, and justice for all?

These ideas do not begin to scratch the surface of what must be done to make sure that George Floyd’s life is remembered as the catalyst for change. It requires the commitment of all of us. Young and old, black and white, people of all colors, creeds, and backgrounds. Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Jews. Rich people, homeless people, and everyone in between. 

I would love to hear your feedback. I know this is a sensitive issue and I have tried as hard as possible to not offend in any way and rather to promote unity, peace, and love. Something everyone wants and everyone deserves. United we stand. Divided we fall.

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  1. Beautifully stated. My teacher-daughter is offering to tutor children, I am featuring a psychologist who was a former cop on my podcast and one of my clients dropped off brownies to the local police station.

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