Created on Purpose for a Purpose? Why is the Best Answer

I have some very good news for you this week. I hope you can receive it not only from the purpose for which I intend it but also with an appreciation for the clarity I hope it begins to bring to your life. My friend, I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that you were created for a specific purpose that only you can accomplish.

I believe that you are uniquely gifted to do something that only you can do, using only what you have at this moment, and with whatever you have experienced in your life up to this point. Whether you believe it or not (yet), I hope in the next few hundred words to convince you of this fact.

The question I want you to consider is, are you fulfilling your purpose? If you are not, or if you are not sure, then I want to encourage you to start. Today. It is never too late to start and it is always too soon to quit. Even if there is only one person in your world that you can impact, it is worth your best efforts to continue discovering and utilizing your unique giftedness.

Many of us know what we should do, or better yet, what we feel called to do. Nevertheless, I find many people are not doing it for a variety of reasons that really boil down to one excuse, I mean answer: other things take priority. Usually, things that are urgent. How many of us are going through life putting out fires only to see what really goes up in flames is our dreams and goals?

Let me introduce you to a new name I have coined for myself. I have affectionately self-proclaimed myself as “The Why Guy.” Why am I the Why Guy? Because I believe that the most important thing you can do for yourself and everyone in your life is to determine your why. I won’t go into the intricacies of discovering what your why is in this post but I will tell you what having a Why in your life will do for you.

If you have a compelling “Why,” it will change your life. Instead of thinking or saying, “I’ll try,” you’ll find yourself saying, “I will.” All of the self-doubt, excuses, and distractions will not be able to keep you from accomplishing your why. You may get knocked down 100 times trying but the proper why will get you up off the matt to try for the 101st time, and every other time until you accomplish your goal.

Discovering your Why, your purpose is not an easy task. It requires time, it requires commitment, it requires honesty, and it requires accountability. I can help you do all of those things if you’d like some help finding, committing to, and living for your why. It’s not an easy journey but it is the most rewarding endeavor you will ever attempt. You will be so glad you took the journey and so will everyone that you have an opportunity to bless by living out the purpose for which you were created every day.

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