Painful Situations: Exposing Your Weakness or Growing Your Strength?

As we begin a New Year, I hope that, as I do, you feel a sense of hope and opportunity to start anew. Sure, the fact that we have turned the page in 2021 and opened the book in 2022 doesn’t change many things that happened and are still valid from the past year. But at the beginning of a new year, I hope you develop the mindset of thinking about infinite possibilities instead of limiting beliefs.

I also want to say that possibilities, opportunities, and real growth do not come easily. It likely will take a great deal of effort. And this is where often the people who make progress get separated from the people who are progressively stuck in the same ruts year after year. As always, it is a subtle difference but with considerable differences in outcomes.

Want to improve your results tomorrow? Make the right choices today.

If you’re anything like me, and since you follow and read my blog, I am assuming you are, the hope and joy of the Holidays also brings another kind of excitement with it. It means that soon we will celebrate a New Year. As you also likely know, I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions but am a huge proponent of setting goals.

Research tells us that a small fraction of society actually sets, writes down, and works on goals consistently. So, while many of you may either be thinking about goals or not, I am willing to bet that you have aspirations, visions, and ideas about who you want to be. Whether you are actively pursuing them or not, the New Year is a great time to evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and what steps to take to bridge the gaps.

One Step Beyond your Limiting Belief is Unlimited Clarity

As you have likely read or heard from me before, I get very reflective and even melancholy at the end of the year. I begin to evaluate my progress in the past year and considering where I had growth and where I need to focus my efforts more diligently next year. 

I can honestly say that in a year that no one could have fathomed, I am super proud of all of the things I have accomplished this year. Sure, there were goals that weren’t quite accomplished, ideas not followed up on, and dreams to still be pursued. I am basing my success this year on a metric I have never used before because I am quite sure until one year ago I had never heard of a limiting belief.