How Comfortable are you to Challenge your Future?

There is a question that we were all asked as children. The answers usually were irrelevant as we grew up and left childhood dreams behind. For some, however, perhaps the dream never died. Either way, as we became parents and our friends became parents, we carried on the multigenerational tradition of asking the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Wrong question. 

I want to challenge you to begin a revolution to change this tradition. Not to squash the dreams of children, rather give them more altitude. Perhaps it is because our world is undergoing monumental changes. Truly I believe no matter what out of our control conditions exist, the question needs a small tweak with the first word. It’s a slight change but one that will make all the difference – for the child and for the world.

WHO do you want to be when you grow up?”

No matter what we do as human beings, who we are is much more important than what we are. If we focus on what we are, we will always be comparing ourselves to others and left wanting for more. If we focus on who we are, we will focus on ourselves, how we can grow, and how we can serve and encourage other people.

If we become focused on doing instead of being, we will find opportunities to grow no matter what we are doing. We will challenge conventional ways of problem-solving and relish opportunities to create new solutions out of what many would call impossible circumstances. If you look closely, you can find numerous examples of this even now, in the midst of a catastrophic worldwide pandemic.

As I say to my coaching clients, “it’s simple, but it’s not easy.” The difference truly is your attitude and how you see yourself. The people that are secure in who they are don’t waste time thinking or worrying about the things over which they have no control. They get to work and work doggedly to challenge and improve the things they can control. 

For far too many years of my life, I allowed what I did to control my thoughts, my actions, and how I lived my life. I am still learning the depth of experience available to me and to all of you by realizing who I am. It also helps me to know “Whose” I am. For the more I allow grace, peace, and love to flow through me, the more good I can do in the world.

The great thing about focusing on who you are instead of what you are is that no matter where you have been or where you are in life, you can start fresh. You can begin to change your mindset from seeking acceptance to seeking growth. Believe me, because I am currently experiencing it, it is never too late to start. But it is always too soon to give up.

So, my friend, get started on your journey. Allow the walls you’ve built around your life and around your heart to fall off and find the freedom and the excitement that comes from discovering, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

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