Will Your Future Depend on your Dreams? Be Creative and Sure

How in touch are you with your dreams? How often do you intentionally create opportunities to minimize, or better yet, eliminate distractions and dream? If you’re like most people, your answer is likely either a) I don’t or b) I don’t remember the last time. This week, I hope to encourage you to change both of those answers.

For, you see, I believe that not only is dreaming important, but it also helps you create your future. Yes, as John Lennon sang many years ago, “You can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” In fact, I would argue that most people who achieve any level of success in any area of life make dreaming and visualization an integral part of their routine.

Let’s be honest, even though our world has been turned upside down this year, theoretically, we all should have more time to work on ourselves and improve ourselves. The opposite seems to be true, however, with good reason. Living and working from home, whatever that looks like for you has its advantages, but it does not come without distractions and interruptions.

Our ability and time to be alone with our thoughts likely has been diminished, not increased. Which is why I want to implore you to build time into your week to spend time alone. Preferably outside and in touch with the Source of your gifts and talents. With no agenda other than to ask precious few questions and then listen intently.

I cannot promise you that you will get all of the answers you are looking for in just a few minutes of dreaming. I can promise you that when you eliminate distractions you clear the way to take action. And THAT will begin to lead you in the direction of your dreams. 

You have likely heard or read me say it before, but it bears repeating. Your dreams will empower you, your dreams will inspire you, and your dreams will unleash you. In other words, your dreams impact everything. It is worth investing a little bit of time on a regularly scheduled basis to plan in the direction of your dreams.

You may wonder, “What do I do with my dreams?” I’m glad you asked! Take those dreams and turn them into goals. If your dreams are big enough, it is likely it will require multiple intermediate goals to reach them, but let that inspire you rather than slowing you down. In the end, you will be glad you did. 

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