You Will Leave a Legacy. How Impactful Will it be?

This is the third in our three-part series, discussing your success, your significance, and your legacy. After learning how to individually define your success, then transitioning to a higher level of significance, this week we explore the ultimate goal of leaving a legacy.

First, a challenging question. Are you leaving a legacy? The answer to the question is, yes, you are. Whether you create your legacy intentionally or whether you allow it to occur by happenstance, indeed you cannot escape the legacy you will leave. So the next, and more important question is; are you proud of the legacy you’re leaving? Therein lies our opportunity ro create a meaningful heritage that will have immediate as well as long-lasting impact.

The legacy you leave for tomorrow will be directly related to the choices you make today. You can ignore this truth, but that will not change the result. So the two choices you have to make are coincidence or intentionality. By your actions, you will be judged. You may have the best intentions in the world, however, if those intentions do not materialize into meaningful, intentional actions, there will be a disconnect between who you wanted to be and who you actually were.

So assuming you are not wishing to live life hoping that everyone can learn to read your mind, what choices must you make and what actions must you take to create the very best possible version of yourself? It isn’t as daunting as it sounds. In fact, most meaningful results are the result of doing a lot of little things right over an extended period of time.

My challenge for you is to craft a vision statement for yourself and/or your family. Don’t use the excuse of your current life situation. Anyone can do this and everyone can benefit. If you have never been married, were married but now live alone, or have a houseful of children, discuss with everyone in your family what you want to be known for.

When people talk about you and/or your family, what words and descriptions do you want them to use? One of the most meaningful exercises I recommend to people I work with is to gather your family together and discuss the words that you want to be known for. Everyone from two to ninety-two can participate and it’s a great bonding activity to add to any family gathering or celebration. Use your family’s last name to come up with words or short phrases that define what it means to be part of your family.

I would even recommend once your family has decided on these words and phrases that you have it made into a picture that can be framed and given to all members of the family. Maybe you have or know an artist that can even add some colors and graphics to really make it a family heirloom.

After this is done, it’s then up to you and your family to go out each day and to do those things that will create a legacy. The good news is that your impact will be immediately evident to all who interact with you. The better news is this legacy can continue on for generations, long after you are gone. That, my friends, is what I believe we all strive for and desire. Legacy.

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