Two Questions Guaranteed to Change Your Results

Normally these posts are written in advance and published on a schedule. I heard two similar but different quotes yesterday that I had never heard before that caused me to pause that and post them instead. They are that important.

Here are the two questions I want you to ask yourself now, later, tomorrow, and every day:

“How would the person I would like to be, do the thing I am about to do?”

“Who do I most need to be in this moment?”

Take time to let both of those questions sink in deeply. Don’t dismiss them, and don’t rush through them. I didn’t and I have spent a great deal of time since hearing them deciding how I want to answer those questions. 

If you are like me, and I believe most of you are, you are an emotional person. My problem often is I get too wrapped up in the emotion in the moment and lose sight of the bigger goal and longer-term ramifications of my present actions. Especially if I feel I am being judged or attacked by others.

I refer you to my post from last week regarding the killing of George Floyd, however, in light of the events of the last eight or nine days, I suspect you find it easier to understand why any personal attacks, no matter if they are based on you individually, or more collectively as a member of a particular race, religion, or any other group can be hurtful.

If you follow my writing, speaking, and coaching career and I am privileged to provide you some sense of value, then I believe you have a deep desire to be, do, and have more meaning and success in your life. Oftentimes, we are our own biggest obstacle to overcome.

I sincerely believe that the two questions at the beginning of this post will help you achieve that success more quickly and more deeply than you would otherwise achieve it just operating as you normally do. As the late, great, Jim Rome said, “If you don’t change your approach, then you will never change your results!”

These questions are grounding questions. They are questions meant to evoke images of your highest, best self. They are intended to help you visualize who you are to become. The vitality of them is that they can be used every day, throughout the day, no matter where you are or what you are currently facing.

I challenge you to try them this week and to share your results in the comments below this post. What mistakes did they help you avoid? What regrets were you able to eliminate by taking the right course of action? How did your answers and the actions that resulted from them change other people’s perceptions of you and your behavior? 

There is a positive mindset power to be gained, a greater influence to be realized within your relationships and connections, and great personal achievements to be realized by adding these to questions to your thought process in every situation.

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